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            DCM 系列防爆馬路燈(ⅡB、ⅡC、e)

            型號含義  Model implication

            適用范圍  Application
            Can be us in zone same as equipped lamp.
            產品特點  Features
            2、燈桿為鍍鋅鋼管表面噴塑。具有較好的防腐能力?;捎描T鐵制造。牢固穩定,  燈桿和基座均可根據用戶要求特制。
            1、The road lamp consists of explsion-proof lamp,lamp pole,base. Inside the base, jumction box or special ballast of road lamp is installed.
            2、Lamp pole is galvaniced pipe with plastic-sprayed surface. It can be well corrosive-proof. The base made of cast iron is steadly fixed. Lamp pole and base can be specially made as required.
            3、Type 01、02、05、06can install lamp cover to user's requirement.
            4、Suitable for GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard request.

            燈具代號 Lamp code

            配用光源 Supplied with lamps

            外形及安裝舉例 Outline and mounting example